Gifts from the Holy land

The Olive wood tree||hand-Made Gifts For Evryone

Is a Christian family business owned & operated since 1996. We stand out in the marketplace by providing superior quality hand-made gifts crafted by the local Christians that are still residing in the Holy Land. Due to the decrease of tourism in the last few years, it has been extremely difficult for these crafters to financially support themselves. Your purchase of these beautiful items greatly contribute to their livelihood. At Gifts From The Holy Land, we also have a special gift for you. Here you will find a large selection of Hand-Made Great Gifts. We are not limited to a specific line of product. Gifts From The Holy Land online, your one stop to buy Hand-Made gifts.


Unique and Extraordinary Gifts From The Holy Land for eveyone. Hand-made by Christians and Jews in the Holy Land. Your purchase contributes to their main source of support in the Land of our Lord, The Promise Land.